Friday, June 22, 2012

I love Pinterest but I don't get to spend near as much time there as I'd like. It's a dangerous place, when I get there I lose all track of time! When I first joined I told myself I would only use it for personal reasons-photography, home decorating, crafty stuff etc. but I would not use it for school. I think I made it a couple of weeks before I realized that just wasn't going to work. I'm friends with too many teachers and I just couldn't keep passing by those ideas. So now I have many boards for photography, a few for home things and a variety of boards for school topics. (I should add organizing the boards to my summer to do list but I think the list is long enough already.) My education boards include ipad apps, quotes, elementary literacy, ideas for my classroom and a few others.

I recently discovered the blog, Imagination Soup written by Melissa Taylor. She's all about active learning and has some great ideas for early literacy. She's also on Pinterest and as soon as this is posted I'm going to check out her boards. She has 51 boards which include over 200 pins on Children's Books,  150 pins on Writing With Children, over 300 on Reading and Writing Readiness.... School just ended today and I can't wait to get started looking for new ideas to put into practice next year.

If you're on Pinterest and you're interested in elementary reading or photography feel free to check out my boards and follow them. Search for Nedra Isenberg. If you haven't checked out Pinterest yet you really should and summer is a great time to begin.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Obviously, I'm having a tough time with this blog. When I was a tech teacher I was much more consistent and I had followers and received comments and I was reading other blogs and it seemed easy. Now, I don't read other blogs consistently and I certainly don't post on a regular basis. I'm going to give this blog one more try. I decided I need a focus. Am I doing this for my parents or for other teachers? I've decided to focus on teachers. I'll share helpful sites and ideas I'm trying out in my classroom. Wish me luck!