Monday, January 5, 2015

A Book a Day for the Winter Break

Here's my TBR (to be read) pile of books at the beginning of vacation. I was sure I would make a good dent in this pile. Somehow, that didn't go as well as I planned. However, I did accomplish a book a day. I am looking forward to sharing my photo with my students and sharing what did and didn't get read. Even more than that I'm looking forward to hearing what they read over the break and if they got new books for Christmas.

Here's the bulletin board outside my classroom. It was open for anyone to share what books were on their holiday book wish. I put up two stars. One for Sky Crystals by Don Komarechka and one for Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography. I received the first, because I ordered it for my husband to give to me, and not the second. I decided one expensive book was enough for now, especially looking at the TBR pile. I'll be sharing my new book next Monday and I hope to hear some excitement from my students on their new books.

What I read over my winter break:

  1. Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson-with a son named Otto how could I resist this one? When he and my daughter in law start a family they will be receiving this cute story.
  2. Eye to Eye How Animals see the World By Steve Jenkins-our 4th graders are learning about animals in science right now. I'll be sharing this book with them.
  3. Blizzard by John Rocco-I kept thinking how this would have been an excellent book for the primary teachers out in the Buffalo NY area after their Thanksgiving blizzard this year.
  4. My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown-a cute book on misperceptions.
  5. Little Red Writing by Joan Holub-this is a book I've been meaning to read for a couple of years. I thought it started out well but by the end it was too long and complicated of a story. I'm glad I never got around to purchasing it.
  6. The Boy who Loved Math The Improbable Life of Paul Erdos by Deborah Heiligman- this one I loved. I know just the student that I'll be sharing this book with next week. A student that doesn't care for reading but loves and excels in math.
  7. Malal Yousafzai Warrior with Words-I read I am Malala earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I wanted a book about Malala that I could share with my younger students. This one will work.
  8. A Boy and a Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz a wonderful autobiography about a boy that stutters and dedicates his life to protecting wild cats.
  9. The Tree Lady by H. Joseph Hopkins-a lovely biography of Kate Sessions the mother of Balboa Park in San Diego.
  10. The Watcher by Jeanette Winter-another great biography, this one is about Jane Goodall. 
  11. Macro Photography an ebook by Michael Erlewine Macro is my favorite type of photography. There were some helpful tips here.
  12. Bokeh an ebook by Christopher O'Donnell- I looking forward to trying some new techniques to improve my photography.
  13. The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm-loved it! I'm looking forward to sharing this with teachers at school.
  14. Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett
Reading but didn't finish:
Ice Crystals by Don Komarechka
Notice and Note by Kyleen Beers and Robert Probst