Monday, June 10, 2013

May Tech Links-Special for Parents of Incoming Kindergartners

Website For Parents:
8 Ways to Teach Your Child to Read- an infographic
25 Alphabet Activities
Fun ways to practice learning letters of the alphabet.

Reading Nooks 
Maybe these ideas will inspire you to find a small corner in your own home to set up a comfy reading nook.

Websites For Children:
A song for each letter for the alphabet.
Games are labeled by skill-counting, shapes etc. There are also games for older students. 
National Geographic for Young Explorers
This is a great resource for learning about animals and habitats as well as expanding vocabulary. Child can click on the speaker button and have the whole issue read aloud. 
Some songs are for movement but others cover colors, days of the weeks, months of the years counting and more.
APPS-unless noted all apps are free
I would encourage you to check out Grasshopper apps; . Many of them are listed here.  I love these apps because they are free, use great photographs, and allow for so much custimization in their settings.
Endless Alphabet-
One of my favorites! This app has no right or wrong answers. Child selects a letter, the app shows and reads a word beginning with that letter. Then it scrambles the letters, the child puts it back in order as a matching activity, then it does a cartoon animating the definition and it reads it in a sentence. It’s a great app for expanding vocabulary.

Alpha Robots
This is a memory game for matching letters of the alphabet. Child can play alone or with another person. There are 3 levels of difficulty.

Little Matchups
This is an easy matching game for letters and sounds.

Photo Touch ABC Alphabet
Touch the … and the app names a letter. You can record your own voice. It starts with 3 choices and as correct answers are given it builds up to 10 choices.

I Like Books
This link does cost $1.99 for 37 books. However, if you go to the app store and search individual titles you can find most of them for free. Your child can listen to a story. You can also change the words and record it yourself-perhaps with your child’s help. 
Sock Puppets 

Let your child have fun retelling a story or making up a new story with these puppets.

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