Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Year New Position

A week before school started I was notified that I was being moved from the position of prek-5 tech teacher for both elementary schools to a RTI reading teacher K-2! I'm sure I had that deer in the head lights look for awhile. I am not a certified reading teacher but I have taught kindergarten, first, and second grade and language arts was always my strongest area. Now that the first marking period has come and gone and I'm feeling more comfortable in the position I decided I should start yet another blog. I'll leave behind my various tech blogs and move on to blogging about reading.

Our district adopted a basal series this year. When I first started in the district 25 years ago we had a basal but it was a resource. Over the years we moved to authentic literature and got rid of the basal. This time around the basal is not a resource it is the source for reading instruction. I'm thankful I'm out of the classroom. I would be pulling my hair out if I had to follow it! Fortunately, for the moment anyway, I get to plan my own lessons. I use the basal to see what skills are being covered for the week and then plan accordingly. I love technology and am incorporating that as much as possible into my lessons. I have 5 computers in my tiny room, 2 ipod touches and access to a SMART Board every other day in the lab and access to a SMART Table.

I will be writing about good resources I find for first and second graders, lessons that I'm trying and anything else that's on my mind regarding teaching. I'm looking for other reading teachers to connect with and learn from so if you have suggestions of blogs or wikis to check out please leave a comment and let me know!

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