Saturday, January 22, 2011

iPod Touch

Thanks to my building principal I know have 3 iPod touches and a Macbook. Earlier this week we had a snow day and I spent my day finally getting all three touches syncing to the new Macbook and then looking for literacy apps to buy and download. I started with the ones I learned about at NYSCATE and then moved to the iear ning and looked through their reviews and recommendations. I found that very helpful and decided that I should begin writing my own reviews as I begin to use the apps with my students.

I have my students for 30 minutes every day. I begin each class with a short read aloud and I'm thinking I'll start ending each class with a 5 minute app time so the devices get used. Since I don't have enough iPods for everyone, my groups are 4-7 students, they will have to share. I won one ipod touch on Facebook from School Center. I'll have to be on the look out for more give aways so I can try and increase my total to at least 5.

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