Friday, April 20, 2012

 "I choose to see possibilities and opportunities in these times because to do less would be to give up and admit defeat as an educator." This is a quote by my friend, Kevin Honeycutt. I just ran across the quote this week and it's turning my attitude around. You see, I've been in a negative rut all year. I'm frustrated with the amount of testing and test prep we're putting our poor kids through in NY. I'm focusing on  how many years to retirement. Basically, I've given up, admitted defeat. I realize now I need to change my attitude and make sure I don't become that grumpy old teacher everyone is waiting for to retire. I'm lucky, as a reading teacher I don't have to do all the test prep materials. I can plan my own lessons. It's time for an attitude adjustment! To help with this adjustment I'm going to be presenting at Podstock this year. I can't wait to be surrounded by all the positive people and energy for three whole days. I'll admit I'm nervous about presenting but I also know that I'll be working hard on my presentation materials and it will be ok. So, here's to attitude adjustment time!

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